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Mailbag: Questions surrounding the offense 


Bob in Florida: I love Daniel Jones's athletic ability. In an attempt to try and keep him healthy and playing a full season, has anyone given some thought to hiring a baseball player to teach Jones how to correctly slide when he is running?

John Schmeelk: It doesn't take a baseball coach to teach a player how to slide, and it's not like Jones is unable to slide. The bigger question is getting him to slide more frequently and at the right time. Jones can sometimes let his ultra-competitiveness get the best of him and risk getting walloped just to gain a couple of extra yards. It might be worth it on a key third or fourth down late in the game, but otherwise discretion is often the better part of valor. Jones showed improvement in this area last season.

Tim in North Carolina: How are the Giants addressing the wide receiver corps?

John Schmeelk: The Giants have a relatively full-house in the wide receiver room right now. Kenny Golladay will be back and expected to perform like a No. 1 wide receiver and the hope is that Kadarius Toney gets healthy and turns into a big-play receiving threat. Eyes will be on Sterling Shepard as the team tries to get its salary cap in order and he rehabs his Achilles injury. The hope would be that Darius Slayton has a bounce-back season. It would not be surprising if the team adds a wide receiver on Day 2 or 3 of the draft, given the depth at the position. But don't expect an investment with a Top 10 pick or the the top of the free agency market.

Enzo in Virginia: What do you think about this draft scenario: Hutchinson, Thibodeux, Hamilton, Neal go Nos. 1-4. The Giants take Ekwonu and Cross goes at No. 6. Either the Steelers or the Saints want to come up to No. 7 for a QB and offer their third round pick this year, as well as their first, second and seventh in 2023. Do you take the deal, and do you think someone such as Jermaine Johnson or Kenyon Green would be viable selections at No. 18 and 20?

John Schmeelk: You are probably not going to get a 2021 first, 2021 third, 2022 first, 2022 second, and 2022 seventh for a move from No. 7 to 18 or 20. It is an extremely large haul and given the general consensus on the quarterback class, would be shocking for the Giants get this level of an offer. If it comes, take it and run to the bank. You could expect Nos. 18 and 20 to be around the range for top guard Green and for Johnson to still be on the board.


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