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Mailbag: Projecting QB Daniel Jones' second season


Matthew in New Jersey: Where do you project Daniel Jones? Alex Smith or potentially higher? I believe Smith was an above average QB in the NFL. Jones seems like he is aggressive and confident which makes me feel good about his future, but where do you see his ceiling?

John Schmeelk: I would not compare Jones to Smith for the reasons you stated. Smith was conservative, sometimes to a fault; Jones is a risk-taker who puts the ball into tight areas, which can end in spectacular plays or disaster. I would rather have a quarterback willing to take chances and stays aggressive under pressure and teach him to pull back a little rather than trying to convince him to take more risks. If Jones can cut down on the sacks and turnovers while continuing to make those big-time plays, he has the potential to be a Top 10 quarterback.

Ron in Florida: What kind of blocker is Evan Engram? Does his ability in that area alter how defenses approach the Giants?

John Schmeelk: Engram has made great strides as a blocker since joining the Giants. He rarely misses assignments and does a good job of preventing defenders from going through him on direct routes to the ball. At only 240 pounds, he is never going to be a bulldozer or someone you prefer at the point of attack of a running play – and he doesn't have to be something he is not. His ability as a blocker shouldn't impact how defenses approach the Giants, though his ability to catch the football certainly does.

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Tom in Florida: If Markus Golden re-signs, do you think that the Giants may look at Lorenzo Carter as more of an inside LB in the 3-4? He seems out of place as an edge player. If they play a 4-3, I can see him as the strongside OLB.

John Schmeelk: Carter played multiple linebacker spots at Georgia, and settling in as an edge rusher in the Giants' 3-4 was a challenge for him. It was, however, an understandable one. Carter has the athleticism, length, physical and athletic attributes to be an effective edge rusher, although those traits have not resulted in sack production.

Carter has shown an ability to cover and play the run, so playing him as an off-ball inside linebacker should not be dismissed out of hand. It is something, however, that he has never done with the Giants. I would trust in Joe Judge, Patrick Graham and the rest of the coaching staff to figure out where Carter's skills would best serve the team and play him there.

There is a position next to Blake Martinez that will be up for competition this summer. Could Carter compete there at some point? It's probably unlikely, but I wouldn't rule it out.

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