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Mailbag: Giants' depth chart, expanded NFL rosters?


Chris in New Jersey: The potential depth on the O-line has taken a bit of a hit with the recent retirements. Do you think the Giants are likely to try bring in more players at those positions immediately, or see who's cut/released from other teams as the preseason progresses?

John Schmeelk: The Giants are always scanning for free agents who might provide an upgrade to the roster. As this point, it's unlikely you would see many other additions until after the first preseason game and the ensuing roster cut to 85.

Sean in New Jersey: This team seems to have a great amount of talent in camp. I don't envy the coaching staff trying to get down to 53 players. Do you think there will ever be an increase in the amount of players kept on rosters of NFL teams?

John Schmeelk: There could be one day but likely not anytime soon. The collective bargaining agreement, which sets the NFL roster limit, will be in place for the next 10 seasons. A change by both sides before the next contract would be the only thing that could increase the maximum until then.

Brian in South Carolina: What is going on with the retirements? Is this really just coincidence in that the Giants signed some veterans who were on the last breath of their careers, or is there an underlying issue with the league, given that the Raiders have had a similar situation?

John Schmeelk: Each player had different reasons to retire and two of the Giants (Todd Davis, Joe Looney) had only recently joined the roster. It appears the pandemic and the last 18 months has given players different perspectives and the priorities of some have changed. It's likely not to be much more than those things.

Russell in California: Is it too early to tell if Daniel Jones is suffering any lingering effects from his hamstring injury last year or his ankle injury the year before?

John Schmeelk: There do not appear to be any lingering effects, which is not a surprise given neither injury required surgical intervention.

Albert in Austria: How big is the chance that RB Sandro Platzgummer (from Austria) will have a spot on the final 53-men roster? We are very interested in his progress.

John Schmeelk: Platzgummer came to the Giants last year as part of the International Player Pathway program and has tained his place on the roster through the program. The running back room is crowded with Saquon Barkley on top of the depth chart. Platzgummer has made a couple of plays in camp and will have an opportunity to compete for the final spot, but it will be a very tall climb given his lack of experience and competition from the likes of veterans Devontae Booker, Corey Clement and Alfred Morris, and 2021 sixth-round pick Gary Brightwell.

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