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Mailbag: OL draft options; boosting WR/TE depth?


John in Florida: If the Giants treat this as a building year, they should take OL Evan Neal (5) and Charles Cross (7) and CTR Tyler Linderbaum (36) and not have to think about the line for the next 10 years, right?

John Schmeelk: In order to build a good offensive line, you do not have to have a bunch of first-round picks on it – that is a lot of draft capital for one position, even one as important as the offensive line. And you would be using the fifth overall pick in the draft on Neal at offensive guard, which might be a little excessive.

Cory in New York: Will the Giants pick a receiver in the draft and when?

John Schmeelk: Maybe they will take receiver, but it's unlikely they would use a first-round pick on one. The second round? Maybe, if a player with a true first-round grade drops to them. But you might have a better chance of grabbing a wideout in Rounds 3-4, where there should be good value in a deep receiver class.

Martin in New Jersey: The Giants are not one draft away from being contenders ,so the more picks the merrier. Any chance they trade the fifth pick?

John Schmeelk: Joe Schoen has said he would be willing to take any phone call when it comes to the draft. This is the first year of a new regime and it would surprise no one if they want to add as many selections as possible in this or future draft. Then they can build this team the way they want.

Brian in New Jersey: With the Giants losing Evan Engram in free agency how will Giants address the tight end position?

John Schmeelk: They have signed veteran free agent Ricky Seals-Jones and it would not be surprising if the Giants use one or two draft picks on another one, perhaps in Rounds 3-5.


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