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Mailbag: EDGE/CB depth, doubling up on OL?


Max in New Jersey: Is an edge rusher or cornerback a skill position that may be easier to find in Day 2 or 3 of this year's draft? Also, what's the latest one should pick a corner, even just for depth?

John Schmeelk: The edge rusher class is deeper than the cornerback class this year. If five cornerbacks go in the first round, which is not impossible, the depth at that position goes away really quick. Edge rusher, however, might have good players leaking all the way into the early third round. Once you get into Day 3 at those positions, aim for guys with good traits who you think can be coached up. Someone such as Elerson Smith would be a good example of someone the Giants drafted from a smaller program but had elite testing numbers last year. It is very hard to succeed at those two positions in the NFL without good traits.

Frank in Florida: If the Giants select Ickey Ekwonu or Evan Neal at No. 5 and the other one is still on the board at No.7, what about taking both and moving one to guard?

John Schmeelk: It depends who else is available. A team doesn't need a bunch of first-round picks to make their offensive line good enough to succeed. If another player with a similar grade is available at a premium position such as edge rusher or cornerback, pick that player rather than adding a guard. If the second offensive linemen is by far the highest-graded player remaining, however, then it is possible to pull the trigger.

Dan in New York: What are the odds of the Giants trading one or both of their first-round draft choices?

John Schmeelk: You wouldn't think the Giants would (or could) trade out of both of their early selections but it wouldn't be a surprise if they tried to move one of them. When a new regime comes in they want to be able to add as many of their own players to the roster as possible and you do that by adding draft picks. The Giants already have nine draft picks this season, so it would not be surprising if they tried to add picks for 2023.


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