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Mailbag: Isaiah Wilson's status, NFL trade deadline


James in Utah: Can you provide an update on Isaiah Wilson's progress? What is the internal sentiment on the decision not to bolster the O-line (starters and/or depth) via draft in light of the retirements and injuries? If Wilson is a keeper, does Peart move to guard?

John Schmeelk: Wilson wasn't in the facility most of last week with a stomach bug. He is still in the conditioning phase of the process of getting ready to play. There is no indication when he might be ready or even if he would play guard or tackle, which would impact where other players might move. Peart, however, given his height and body makeup profiles as much more of a tackle than a guard.

Chris in New York: What deals will the Giants make before the Nov. 2 NFL trading deadline?

John Schmeelk: There's no way to know. There are two types of trades: making a move to help you win this year and making moves to help you better prepare for future seasons by stockpiling picks. A team can also save cap space that can be rolled into next season by trading away veterans. It is unclear what the Giants' stance is on any of those types of moves.

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