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Mailbag: New offensive, defensive formations? 


Greg in California: Seeing that we have three capable safeties, Jabrill Peppers, Julian Love and Xavier McKinney, do you see all of them on the field at once?

John Schmeelk: The safety position gives Patrick Graham an opportunity to be creative and deploy all three players in different ways throughout the game to confuse opponents. Since Love and McKinney can play in the slot, it will allow all three players to be on the field at the same time on passing downs. I could even see a situation where Peppers plays a quasi-linebacker position while McKinney and Love play more traditional safety roles. Moving all three around in different roles will be an opportunity for Graham to disguise what the defense is trying to do.

Vincent in New Jersey: Do you think lining up Saquon Barkley wide, with Dion Lewis in the backfield at the same time, could give a defense a huge problem?

John Schmeelk: If both running backs are on the field, opposing teams are more likely to have sub-packages in the game with extra defensive backs. If Lewis is still in the backfield with Barkley outside, the linebackers would stay at home on Lewis, and Barkley would probably be matched up with a cornerback or a safety on the perimeter. It would be less of a mismatch. If Barkley is the lone running back on the field and motions outside there is a better chance of him getting matched up with a linebacker, which is a huge advantage.

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William in Georgia: If Jason Garrett ends up being on the Giants' staff for only one year, who on the current staff do you see being elevated to the offensive coordinator position?

John Schmeelk: For most teams, the quarterback's coach is generally considered the next man up when it comes to a coordinator position. Jerry Schuplinski's lone season as a team's head quarterbacks coach came in Miami last year. Another name to watch would be Derek Dooley, the senior offensive assistant, who was a collegiate head coach at Louisiana Tech and Tennessee. He also served as Missouri's offensive coordinator the last two seasons. With all this said, I would not waste time worrying about who would replace Garrett. The organization hopes he will fill that role for a long time.

Rob in Vermont: Do the Giants have enough firepower this year to make the team respectable?

John Schmeelk: I've been asked this question a lot and I don't quite understand why. Despite changing to a rookie quarterback during last season - and having a significant number of missed games for Saquon Barkley, Golden Tate, Sterling Shepard, and Evan Engram - the Giants still ranked 20th in points per game. If Jones improves and the receiver corps is healthier there is no reason the team can't finish in the top half (16th or better) of the NFL. There should be more consternation over whether the defense is able to hold up their end of the bargain.

Edward in Maryland: With a lack of homegrown players who understand the "Giants way," wouldn't it be right to re-sign Dalvin Tomlinson to a second contract? He is the longest-tendered Giant, has not missed a game and been good. Wouldn't it send a bad message to other players if we don't re-sign him?

John Schmeelk: It's not that simple, Edward. How much money would Tomlinson want? How many years? What is the salary cap going to look like with COVID-19 looming over everything? What's the Giants' cap situation? It would be great to have Tomlinson signed long term at the right price, but that is something that has to be negotiated. It is a two-way street and a matter of negotiation between the player and team.


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