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Mailbag: Impact of upcoming roster moves


Kurtis in Florida: With the signing of Logan Ryan, do the Giants have a competent secondary to compete and be a Top 10 secondary in the league this year?

John Schmeelk: The Giants' secondary is certainly better, but it would be premature to rank any NFL secondary before games are played. Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman spoke last week about using Ryan in a number of different spots, which could indicate he might be used as more of an inside cornerback and box player in a cornerback/safety hybrid role in various sub-packages than as a pure cornerback. It would still leave big roles for relatively unproven cornerbacks on the outside across from James Bradberry - and potentially in the slot - if Ryan doesn't fill that role immediately.  No matter who wins those jobs, they will be unproven as NFL starters. 

Phil in New York: While I agree that Logan Ryan is a solid player, with a winning pedigree, and strong veteran leadership, was he really worth signing? Doesn't this take away developmental opportunities from the younger players? Why would a team that is not competing for a title use capital on a one-year solution when they should be thinking long term?

John Schmeelk: The Giants want to win football games this year and Ryan will help them do it. With Xavier McKinney sidelined for an extended period of time, there will be snaps available that are not going to be filled by a high-profile draft pick. Ryan can step into that role and play well, and help the team win games. There is also room at cornerback without taking away snaps from young players who the team believes have bright futures. The position had a dearth of experienced, accomplished players, and Ryan fills a huge need there. Being a better, more competitive team also helps young players develop. 

Bobby in New York: Now that training camp winds down, and cuts are inevitable, how many wide receivers do you think Joe Judge and Jason Garrett keep in their offense (or maybe for special teams)? And which receivers land on the 2020 expanded practice squad?

John Schmeelk: It will be very tough for this coaching staff to cut the receiver position. The only four wide receivers who are highly likely to land on the final 53-man roster are Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate, Darius Slayton, and Corey Coleman. After those four veterans, the rest of the spots are up for grabs among the youngsters in camp. 

If history is any indication, the team will keep six wide receivers if they can get significant special teams contributions from at least one of those players, like they did from Cody Core last season. David Sills, Alex Bachman, Austin Mack, CJ Board and Binjimen Victor have had productive moments in camp. The team determining which of those players are more likely to slip through waivers and onto the practice squad might determine where they all land.

Nolan in New York: Is there a time limit/period with a player who flashed but gets waived, such as Javon Leake or Christian Angoulo, to be added to the practice squad?

John Schmeelk: Practice squads are not formed until after the waiver process is completed after the final cuts over Labor Day Weekend. No players can be added to practice squads until then. 

Joe in Iowa: I think the most exciting thing this year is our new head coach. Is there a clear difference between Joe Judge's group and say Pat Shurmur's or Ben McAdoo's teams? And if so, in what way does Judge's squad stand out?

John Schmeelk: I wish I could give you a better answer answer than "we'll have to wait and see," but I can't. We haven't seen these players in a competitive situation against another team yet. One constant refrain I hear from everyone around the team, including the players, is that the new coaching staff exhibits an overwhelming attention to detail. There also seems to be an understanding of accountability for players to perform their specific roles above all else and for them to avoid mental mistakes.

Paul in Austria: I'm a Giants supporter from Austria, Europe. Of course, I'm incredibly excited about the addition of Sandro Platzgummer to the roster, given that Sandro is the first player from Austria in the NFL in almost 40 years. Is there any real chance for Sandro to make the final roster? What's his competition and how many RBs are likely going to make the team?

John Schmeelk: Platzgummer has gotten opportunities with the rest of the running backs, but this kind of shortened training camp is tough on players who are not expected to be starters or primary back-ups. Reps are very limited in practice because there isn't a lot of time on the field. Someone like Platzgummer might be best suited in a developmental role on the practice squad given the unique challenges of the season.

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