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Mailbag: What Colt McCoy brings if Daniel Jones can't play


Jorge in Puerto Rico: How will the Giants offense have to adjust if Colt McCoy has to start for Daniel Jones against Seattle?

John Schmeelk: The offense will remain the same from a scheme perspective, but Jason Garrett will change his play selection tendencies to take advantage of what McCoy does best. There might not be as many designed running plays, for example. The Giants' coaching staff as shown they are able to adjust their schemes to their personnel and I would expect they will continue to do so.

Rich in New Jersey: What do you think of the receiver corps? Can Austin Mack be a bigger player moving forward?

John Schmeelk: Mack will continue to be in the wide receiver rotation. He is an excellent blocker, and his length and size allow him to make some contested catches. Darius Slayton remains the team's big play target, while Sterling Shepard and Golden Tate will be short and intermediate targets in crucial third-down situations.

Yusuf in Maryland: With the offensive statistics what they are, where do you see the team looking to delegate resources to improve, players or coaching changes?

John Schmeelk: No need to obsess over the team's offensive numbers. The Giants' approach to winning games this year is not going to lead to whopping offensive production and games with 40 points on the scoreboard. They are playing a more deliberate brand of football and relying on their steady defense to try and win games. If they try to open up the offense too much with longer dropbacks and deeper passes, Daniel Jones will be forced to hold the ball longer, which could expose a young offensive line, and lead to the type of turnovers that lose football games. By playing a more conservative brand of offense, they are avoiding these kinds of plays and it is leading to victories.

Ryan in Connecticut. We have seen a much different Daniel Jones over the past three games. He has no turnovers and looks so much more confident and playing with a lot of poise. He also was more aware of ball security. Has he finally got over the hump?

John Schmeelk: Jones has certainly improved in this area, but it isn't a switch that goes on and stays on. It is a continuing process where he has to continue to work on these aspects of his game to maintain mistake-free football. Results can also skew perception - Jones fumbled against Washington, for example, but the Giants recovered it. He also has had a couple of passes that could have been intercepted in the last two games, but the defense couldn't hang onto the football. He has gotten the ball out quicker and made better decisions more consistently, which has limited these opportunities for defenses. He needs to continue to do that and the results will continue to be positive.

Todd in New York: For The Giants to win the NFC East, I believe they need to go at least 3-2 the rest of the way. I can see the Giants winning versus Cleveland and Dallas. Where would a third win come from?

John Schmeelk: Seven wins are likely to get the Giants the division title and into the playoffs. There's also a chance they can get in with a tiebreaker at six wins. It's difficult to predict where wins are going to come from because there is no way to know what these teams are going to look like when the Giants play them. Who would have predicted Joe Burrow would have missed last week's game, or Daniel Jones could miss games with a hamstring injury? Who knows what Baltimore is going to look like in Week 16 after their recent COVID infections? I also see a lot of Giants fans assuming a win against the Browns. While Cleveland's -21 point differential indicates they might not be quite as good as their 8-3 record, they are still a good football team. The truth is that the NFL has so much parity that the Giants can win or lose all of their remaining games, depending on injuries and how both teams play that day.


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