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Mailbag: Saquon's recovery, undrafted rookies


John in Connecticut: Do you think Saquon Barkley will be the same player he was before his injury?

John Schmeelk: Given the advancement of medical technology and rehab techniques, there's no reason to think Barkley will not eventually reach the level of play and athleticism he had before his injury. There's no way to know when that will happen, but given Barkley's work ethic, there should be little doubt he will get there at some point.

Michael in Florida: What are the Giants doing with Jake Burton, who played multiple positions at Baylor?

John Schmeelk: Burton was one of the Giants' undrafted free agents in 2021. At Baylor, he played right tackle as a sophomore and junior before moving inside to right guard as a senior. The Giants have not made their intentions for him position-wise clear, but it is probably more likely he plays inside than outside. He will have a chance to compete for a spot on the roster or practice squad in training camp when the pads come on.

Jim in New York: Do you think there is a chance the Giants look to get younger, make draft pick Gary Brightwell their fullback and move on from Eli Penny?

John Schmeelk: Brightwell is a running back. At just 5'10 and 218 pounds, he is not going to be the type of lead blocker a team wants from a fullback. Penny could be the fullback again this season, given his versatility as a receiver and runner. If the Giants want to go with more of a traditional fullback, they could go with free agent addition Cullen Gillaspia who is more than 230 pounds. The Giants could also choose not to keep a fullback.

Ben in Louisiana: Do you think that the Giants have a good enough replacement in Mike Glennon, that if Daniel Jones were to be injured or have to be pulled, he would keep the team afloat? Or do you think the team will regret not re-signing Colt McCoy?

John Schmeelk: Glennon is a very capable NFL backup, as is McCoy. Glennon is also younger at just 31 years old, started five games for the Jaguars last year and averaged 214 yards per game. His performance is not much different than McCoy's over the course of their careers. Unless a team wants to invest a significant amount of cap space in a backup quarterback, these are the type of players who are going to fill that role.

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