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Steve Weatherford makes Giants fan's day

Steve Weatherford used the power of social media for good this past week.


Originating from a conversation on Twitter, the Giants punter recently became connected with a Leukemia patient, eventually making an impromptu visit to a local hospital. Mary Cruz, whose husband, Leroy, is battling the disease, reached out to Weatherford, who in turn jumped at the opportunity to make a Giants fan's day.

On his Instagram account, Weatherford wrote, "Spending the afternoon with Leroy Cruz was a life changing experience. He is only 24 years old, fighting Leukemia. He has such an inspiring attitude about defeating this disease. He is in the fight of his life. He loves the New York Giants, and said,'the way New York Giants never quit when they were playing the 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl 42 is the way He will never quit until he beats Leukemia!' I am blown away. God bless you in your fight."

Below is a look at how the amazing act transpired:

"@lmmcruz: my husband is battling Leukemia and the NY Giants are his favorite team, can someone PLEASE help him meet you"<<

— Steve Weatherford (@Weatherford5) March 20, 2014

@lmmcruz I'm coming now. Direct message me the room # See you in an hr

— Steve Weatherford (@Weatherford5) March 20, 2014

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