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Tom Coughlin's book for sale on paperback


Preparation is easy to praise but very hard to master. No modern coach in any sport understands that bet¬ter than NFL veteran Tom Coughlin. He has led the New York Giants to two Super Bowl vic¬tories with his system of relentless preparation and old-school resilience.

Now in his New York Times bestseller Earn the Right to Win (on sale in paperback July 29), Coughlin reveals his coaching philosophy and shares his best advice for leaders in any field. He also illustrates his lessons with stories about star players like Eli Manning, Doug Flutie and Michael Strahan.

"The work that is required for improvement is done when nobody is watching…. No bright lights. No cheers.  There is a tremendous satisfaction when you have sacrificed and practiced and prepared so that you and your team can be the best you can be. It is then that you have earned the right to win." —Tom Coughlin

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