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Women's Club Insider Access

Insider Access: Team Cafeteria

Ever wonder what it might be like to go back in time to high school where you had to wait in line to get your lunch, find a seat (always so stressful) and rush back to class? Well in our world, we get to still live that every day in the Giants team cafeteria, except now we're rushing to get back to work! We are fortunate to eat as a team (yes, by team we mean players, coaches, owners and staff)! Our team cafeteria is manned by the amazing chefs from FLIK who are just as much a part of the team and make sure we are eating healthy, with the occasional special treat! We truly love the time we get to spend relaxing, socializing and enjoying a good meal with everyone in the organization in the team cafeteria and are grateful for such a nice perk. Plus, you never know when you just may be standing in the sandwich line behind Eli Manning! Enjoy this edition of Insider Access in the team cafeteria!

Insider Access: Training Room

Truth be told, we never want our athletic training room to be busy… we want our players healthy and feeling good. However, we are thankful that should any of our players get injured, we are surrounded by not only some of the best athletic trainers and doctors in the tristate area, but we are also equipped with a state of the art athletic training room. Here at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center, our athletic training room has the latest and greatest technology to assist with rehabilitation, physical therapy and just some good old TLC! Join us for a tour of the athletic training room on this edition of Insider Access!!

Insider Access: Weight Room

As we make our way around the Quest Diagnostics Training Center on these VIP tours, we can't help but get excited over the Giants weight room. With a new strength and conditioning coach, comes a newly equipped gym! Coach Aaron Wellman is here to bring us inside the weight room to check out all our new equipment on this edition of Insider Access!

Insider Access: Locker Room

Back in October, we brought you on an official tour of the Giants equipment room with equipment director, Joe Skiba. This time, Joe is back to give you a behind the scenes look at the Giants locker room on this edition of Insider Access!

Insider Access: Equipment Room

If you can imagine what a football team's equipment room looks like, you'd probably think footballs and pads all over the place, lots of dirt and grass leftover from the players' cleats and a never-ending pile of laundry. Ok, the laundry part is pretty on point, however, the New York Giants equipment room works like a well-oiled machine with every piece of equipment packed away in storage bins, jerseys and cleats neatly lined up (color-coded and by number, of course) and more power tools than you can ever imagine. Oh, and there's not an ounce of dirt anywhere! Want to see the extreme organization and meticulous nature of our equipment managers? Then take an exclusive look inside the Giants equipment room in this month's Insider Access!

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