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Anatomy of a Play

Anatomy of a Play: Saquon takes it to the house

It's the fourth quarter with only 10:51 to play and just two snaps after Myles Jack's interception return for touchdown, which gave the Jaguars all the momentum and a 20-9 lead. After a touchback on the kickoff and a seven-yard Odell Beckham Jr. catch, the Giants had it second-and-three on their own 32-yard line. Second-and-short is one of the most advantageous situations an offense can be in, with options to run or pass.


Formation/Personnel: The Giants come out in 11 personnel in a typical three-by-one formation. Beckham is alone at the top of the formation, manned up by Jalen Ramsey. Evan Engram, Russell Shepard, and Sterling Shepard are lined up in order at the bottom of the screen. Saquon Barkley is the lone back.

The Jaguars are in their nickel defense, with safety Barry Church, and linebackers Telvin Smith and Myles Jack lined up behind the defensive line. There is one deep safety, with Ramsey in press coverage at the top of the screen and the corners at the bottom of the screen in off coverage.


The Handoff: As Barkley gets the ball from Eli Manning, Engram executes a perfect cut block on Calais Campbell, getting him to the ground. Meanwhile, Malik Jackson is getting pushed down the line of scrimmage by Ereck Flowers, with a small assist from Patrick Omameh, who is heading to the second level to block Telvin Smith.


The Run: Barkley is at the line of scrimmage. Campbell has made a futile dive attempt at Barkley's legs after being cut by Engram. Omameh has gotten to the second level and is blocking Smith, while Jon Halapio has gotten to the second level onto Church. Russell Shepard is blocking safety Ronnie Harrison, who was lined up on him in the slot. At the top of the screen Ramsey has no interest in being involved in the play.

With all those successful blocks, that means it is Barkley's job to make Jack, a very talented third-year linebacker, miss. From here you can see Jack in perfect position with outside leverage.


The Move: This is why Barkley is special. He evades Jack, who went from being in perfect position to now being behind the play (and soon to be on the ground). Russell Shepard is in the slot blocking Harrison to the outside and giving Barkley room to bounce it.


The Broken Tackle: Russell Shepard does a good job working a block on Harrison, giving Barkley the opportunity to stiff arm him and get to the outside. Tashaun Gipson is still in good position to stop a big run.


The Block and Angle : Look at Sterling Shepard work his block on AJ Bouye, sealing the sideline for Barkley who will have room to turn the corner. The single-high safety, Tashaun Gipson, looks like he has the angle on Barkley, even if he manages to get by Bouye and to the sideline.


The Blow By: Sterling Shepard's block gave Barkley the sideline. Once he got there he turned on the afterburners, and Gipson wasn't ready for it. With his angle gone, he makes a belated dive at Barkley's back leg, but he lifts it enough to avoid the tackle.


The Score: To Jack's credit, he got off the turf after his missed tackle and tried to chase Barkley but he didn't have the speed to get the Giants rookie before he scored his first ever NFL touchdown.