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Anatomy of a Play

Anatomy of a Play: Goal Line Stand

3rd-101717.jpg's John Schmeelk takes an X's and O's look at a crucial goal-line stop against the Broncos:

The Giants defense looked a lot more like their 2016 incarnation against the Broncos on Sunday night. They forced three turnovers, stopped the run and played big in the red zone.

Down 20-3 with 10 minutes remaining in the game, the Broncos had it first and goal on the Giants eight-yard line after a Janoris Jenkins pass interference penalty.


1st and Goal at the 8 yard line

The Broncos spread it out in shotgun on first down with three players bunched to the right inside the numbers and Demaryius Thomas isolated on Janoris Jenkins to the left of the formation. C.J. Anderson was next to Siemian in shotgun.

Siemian's first look was into the flat at the top of the screen, but Ross Cockrell covered Bennie Fowler well. Siemian is at the top of his drop and no one is open. Eli Apple and Landon Collins have Virgil Green bracketed at the bottom of the screen. Janoris Jenkins has Jordan Taylor covered at the top of the screen. Andrew Adams is all over Demaryius Thomas in the middle of the field. Keenan Robinson has C.J. Anderson covered in the flat. Siemian will scramble and complete a pass to Thomas in tight coverage in the middle of the field to the five-yard line


2nd and Goal at the 5 yard line

This was the Broncos' best shot to score on the drive. They send three receivers to the left with Fowler, Taylor and Thomas to the same side of the field. They run to the same spot to create some traffic for Giants DB's to navigate through.

Siemian makes a mistake and tries to hit Taylor on a slant run underneath of Fowler. Cockrell avoids the traffic and is all over Taylor, forcing the incompletion. You can see Fowler has Apple beat to the back corner of the end zone and Thomas has room running underneath of Taylor. Cockrell makes a nice play to force third down.


3rd and goal at the 5 yard line

The Broncos send three wide receivers to the same side of the field again, with A.J. Derby alone at the bottom of the screen. No one is open. Jenkins is playing off Taylor, trying to bait a throw at the top of the screen. Thomas has some space in the middle of the end zone, but it is a tight window between B.J. Goodson and Darian Thompson. A.J. Derby is doubled at the bottom of the screen. They try to test Cockrell again, this time on a slant to Bennie Fowler. It is defended well, but Cockrell tackles him at the 1.


4th and goal at the 1 yard line

The Broncos try to play power football on fourth down, and C.J. Anderson finds room off the left side. Janoris Jenkins is the unblocked defender, and he does a great job of getting low and meeting Anderson in the hole. He stops him long enough for the rest of his teammates to come over and prevent the touchdown. Turnover on downs.

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